Lodge Rooms

Two air-conditioned lodges, set beside a beautiful lake, provide housing for up to 120 people.

Dorm rooms sleep 10 per room.  These rooms are air-conditioned with a bathroom.  There are 8 dorm rooms available.

Dorm rooms: $10 per person per night.

Private (motel-type) rooms sleep 1-4 per room (double bed and a bunk bed). These rooms are air-conditioned with a bathroom. There are 8 private rooms available.

Private rooms: $40 per room (for 2 persons) per night. Additional adults $10 per night. School age children $5 per night.

A-frame Cabins

Cabins sleep 10 people per room. These rooms are air-conditioned with bunk beds and are located near the lodges and lake. They provide a more rustic sleeping environment. Bathroom facilities are available nearby.

Cabins:  $5 per person per night.


Groups are responsible for furnishing their own linens if they do not pay for the conference center to provide.  If purchased, linens will include washcloths, towels, pillows, sheets and a blanket.

Linens (optional): $6 per person.

Housing Regulations

    • No food or drink may be in the rooms or cabins; this is to prevent ants and other creatures as well as to protect our carpet and beds from any accidental spills.
    • Please report anything that is broken or not working. Your group will be liable to pay for any damages caused by negligence or horseplay.
    • When the air or heat is on, doors and windows need to be closed. If the temperature of your room is not satisfactory, please let us know and we will arrange for it to be altered.
    • Please be courteous and turn out the lights in your room when no one is in the room.  Utilities are expensive here in Florida and we would like to try to keep costs down for you.
  • You may not enter any buildings or rooms that have not been assigned to your group.

Retreat Center Rules

    • All vehicles must be parked in the parking lot at the front of the property or in the parking lot near the pool. NO VEHICLES are to be parked on the grass in front of the dorms. Please keep the roadways clear.
    • Due to the other guests (including Bible School students) staying here at our facility, we ask that loud noise activity (screaming, yelling and loud talking) cease by 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and 11:00 PM on Friday and Saturday.
    • Groups are not permitted on the sidewalks immediately around the Adam Lodge rooms.
    • Trash cans are placed around our property, please be sure to use them.
    • Please don’t harass or injure any of the wildlife that roams around the property or inhabits the lakes and waterways.
    • You may eat as many oranges as you wish. Please discard peels in the trash.
  • We do not allow smoking or alcohol on any part of Teen Missions property.

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